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Im not good at english >:C



You guys made me feel alot better lately. I just wanted to thank you. That Really means much to me!

So I decided that I’ll be taking an OC portrait requests (from screenshot or drawing) But pls no robots this time 8C

I’ll try my best C; Thank you


Omg…I wanna ask but I’m nobody o(-(

//we only talk once on your TERA char portrait _(:”3>L)_

But I’ll be happy if you can draw my TERA char >_<

Omg, you are not “nobody”stahp that! Everyone is free to ask me whatever they want! And ill be happy to draw your char, just send me ref of what he should look like :>


Аноним спросил(a):

hi!!! i'm a big fan of your art, it's so so amazing. could you tell me what brushes you use on SAI? thanks!

Thank you kindly!

I dont usualy use blur,but maybe it’ll help ;>

First one for everything, airbrush for shading mostly.



I can’t decide who’s more adorable.

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